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Thread: help with putty and ssh access

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    Aug 2008

    help with putty and ssh access

    so I have SSH access, and I used to be able to get into my bosses account with ssh, but I haven't needed to in a long time, so I'm having some difficulty getting everything to work.

    I've got an authorized private key, downloaded the ppk and I'm trying to ssh with putty, but I can't connect to my server. I thought that I was supposed to put my domain name or IP into the box, select ssh (port 22) and add my key into the SSH>Auth private key location, but I keep getting session time outs.

    I've looked for a walkthrough on this, but apparently I've got the dumb today. Anyone have a step by step guide for someone who should know how but can't?

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    Jul 2014
    You should make sure that you are using a correct SSH port. Most of HFW services are set to a non-default SSH port.

    If you will still have issues, let me know.

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