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Thread: Virtual Hosting

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    Apr 2013

    Virtual Hosting

    What is virtual hosting???
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    Jul 2013
    Virtual hosting is a multiple way to hosting may domain names ! Which host is a provider of Web services that include server functions and Internet services.

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    Feb 2015
    Good ol' GET call mit full URL should work ok...

    GET mysite.dom/cgi-bin/dlod2ip.cgi

    Add query string if needed. Give it a try (with necessary time tags of course!!!)

    Lily lara

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    Nov 2016
    Virtual hosting is simply another name for shared hosting.
    Shared hosting supplies you all the normal solutions of a hosting company, however is much cheaper since you share the resources and also IP address with various other users.
    This sort of hosting is excellent for personal sites as well as local business. As soon as you start to obtain heavy traffic, you may require a much more powerful hosting remedy, such as a high degree VPS or a Dedicated Server.

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